2015 Results

icon-sailboat-blue2015 Race Results

July Wednesday Series H Class:
1st: Swizzle  (Ted Grayson)
2nd: Phoenix  (Mike Garfield)
3rd: Allie Rose  (Chuck First)
July Saturday Series H Class:
1st: Phoenix  (Mike and Emma Garfield)
2nd: Found It  (Mort Saunders)
3rd: Allie Rose  (Chuck First)
July Saturday Series S Class:
1st: Teaticket  (Alan Haigh)
2nd: Olive  (Josh Bernstein)
3rd: Shalom  (Eric Karplus)
August Wednesday Series H Class:
1st: Phoenix (Mike and Emma Garfield)
2nd: Buttercup (Mike Fenlon)

August Saturday Series H Class:
1st: Phoenix (Mike, Emma, and Ben Garfield)
2nd: Pani Baba (Weatherly Dorris)

August Saturday Series S Class:
1st: Teaticket (Alan Haigh)
2nd: Olive (Josh Bernstein)

General QYC racing information:


Quissett Yacht Club Wednesday Series Race 2014

Six boats beating to A in the first Wednesday series race, June 25th.

Yacht Club Race

The three lead boats storm toward the finish line in the first Wednesday series race. Swizzle held its lead to take the top spot.

  • 2015 Round the Bay Race

    2015 Round the Bay RaceBy Steve Chalmers Sometimes the Buzzards Bay marine forecast is right on the money and sometimes it is not. On Saturday September 12, for the Quissett Yacht Club’s 63rd annual running of the Round the Bay Race it was unfortunately accurate. It called for a north wind shifting into the east. The Race Committee could only trust ... Read More
  • Whiteley Trophy

    Found It Finds It’s Fourth Gear By Doug Jones This past Sunday morning, the Quissett Yacht Club held the rescheduled race for the Whiteley Trophy for H12s.   Four boats braved the elements of a gray and drizzle filled morning with a 10-12 mph wind from the ENE. The Race Committee of Alan Haigh and Doug Jones dropped ... Read More
  • Wednesday August Series Race #3 2015

    Wednesday August 3.jpegA Perfect Evening for a Hot Race By Doug Jones As the weather has been heating up, so has the competition in the Quissett Yacht Club Wednesday evening races. Last Wednesday, a 5-7 mph wind from the southwest gave the light air sailors a chance to strut their stuff. The Race Committee of Steve Duffy, Peter Franklin, ... Read More
  • August Saturday Series H-Class Race #4

    August Saturday 5Winding Down By Wendy Martyna As summer starts to come to its inevitable close, the H Class racing at Quissett is more than half way thru the August Saturday series. Racers were prepared but pleased that the rain took a break for the single afternoon race. The wind was coming in from the northeast at 10-12 mph ... Read More
  • August Saturday Series S Class Race 3

    August Saturday 4Zig Zag By Wendy Martyna The third race in in the Saturday August series for Quissett Yacht Club’s S-Class was a bit of a zigzag course with different strategies coming into play. The fleet had decided not to use spinnakers. The race committee made up of Sarah Meigs, Mike Garfield, Noah Garfield and Wendy Martyna decided on ... Read More
  • The Founder’s Trophy (the Long Distance Trophy)

    Long DistanceAugust 16, 2015 A Long but Wonderful Afternoon on the Water By Doug Jones Thanks to the efforts of Jon and Katy Burt, Kristan First, and the Quissett Yacht club sailing instructors, the Quissett Long Distance race (known as the Founder’s Trophy) this past Sunday had its largest number of competitors (both in terms of boats and sailors) ... Read More
  • August Saturday Series, H-Class Race #3, S-Class Race #2

    August Saturday 3Saturday August 16th, 2015 On the Afternoon before the QYC Ball by Ted Burt Everyone knows that in order to stay on the dance floor at the Quissett Yacht Club Annual Ball, you must have sailed that day (or week?), or at least been in a boat, so a strong fleet showed up for the Saturday Series race, ... Read More
  • Harrington/Woodriff Trophies for H-12s

    WoodriffAugust 14, 2015 A Most Entertaining and Educational Race! By: Doug Jones Last Friday evening, the Quissett Yacht Club held races for the Harrington Junior Sailing and Woodriff Memorial trophies. The Harrington trophy race is for junior skippers and crews (under age 16) where spinnakers are not allowed, while the Woodriff trophy race is for Corinthian skippers (aged ... Read More
  • Ancient Mariner Trophy

    Ancient MarinerAugust 16, 2015   While many rested or ran, Bill Armstrong cruised to victory! By: Doug Jones   On this past Sunday morning while some members of the Quissett Yacht Club were resting from extreme dancing of the Yacht Club ball and others were running from Woods Hole to Falmouth Heights, four stalwart racers over 35 were competing for the ... Read More
  • August Wednesday Series Race #2

    Wednesday August 2August 12, 2015 August Wednesday Series The Windy Wednesdays continue! By: Doug Jones   Before leaving the harbor last Wednesday, the Quissett Race Committee of Alan Haigh, Peter Franklin, Martha Adams, and Doug Jones had been warned how bumpy the conditions were out on Buzzards Bay; therefore, each member of the committee made a guess on the wind speed while ... Read More
  • August Saturday Series H-Class Race 1 & 2, S-Class 1

    August Saturday 1Short and challenging races   By: Ted Burt After last week’s All Star break, the Quissett Yacht Club racers went back to work to begin the August Series. The race committee of Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Wendy Martyna, Mike Garfield Sr. and Noah Garfiled headed out of Quissett harbor to run three races. The S-Class had ... Read More
  • August Wednesday Series #1

    August Wednesday 1August Wednesday Series 1 August 5, 2015 Wild and Wooly Wednesday By: Alan Haigh As Cornelia Carey headed out into Buzzards Bay for the first race of the August Wednesday Series the race committee, consisting of Henry Jones, Martha Adams, Peter Franklin and Alan Haigh was met with a strong wind (estimated at 17 to 19 mph) and rollers ... Read More
  • Not Quite the Whiteley Cup

    Not Quite WhiteleyQuissett Yacht Club – Sunday, August 9, 2015 By: Ted Burt Race Committee crew: Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Mike Garfield, Alan Haigh, Brett Buckingham No times were recorded in this spontaneous race. The Whiteley Cup had been called off by the race committee consisting of Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Mike Garfield Sr., Alan Haigh, and Brett Buckingham due ... Read More
  • Junior Sailing Class Weeks 1 & 2

    Seaman Class By Emma Garfield What a great first two weeks it has been! Thanks to the Bullseyes, we have been on the water all except for one day. The only day we were not able to go out on water was last Wednesday. Although they all begged to go sailing, unfortunately we couldn’t risk sending them ... Read More
  • Janet Burt Chalmers Trophy for H-12s

    Janet B Chalmers TrophyJuly 29, 2015 Last to First in Five Minutes By Doug Jones The Wednesday evening between the July and August series is annually reserved for the Janet Burt Chalmers Trophy Race for Quissett Yacht Club H-12s and that night provided a gorgeous evening for this cherished memorial race. The wind was blowing 8-10 knots from the WSW and ... Read More
  • July Wednesday Series 4

    July Wednesday 4July 22, 2015 A Spectacular Wednesday Evening on Buzzards Bay By Doug Jones For the first time all season, the Wednesday evening Quissett Race Committee did not have to worry about whether to cancel the race due to high winds or threatening conditions; consequently, the largest fleet of the year came out to race. Morning northerlies had been ... Read More
  • July Saturday S and H Series 3

    July Saturday 4 July 25, 2015 Final races of the July Saturday Series! By Ted Burt It’s true! The summer must be almost half over. In fact, the weather had a touch of fall in it with a northerly breeze and white clouds scudding across a blue sky. 10-15 knots was plenty for a great day on Buzzards Bay for the ... Read More
  • Junior Series 2

    July 19, 2015 Olsen Redux By Doug Jones A light (3-5 knot) wind from the West greeted the Race Committee of Molly Jones, Caroline Morss, Annie Dean, and Doug Jones as they headed out of the harbor and set a race course for the second junior H-12 series race. They dropped a mark ¼ mile to the west ... Read More
  • July Wednesday Series 3

    Allie Rose (586) and Handoah (393) race back to finish from Stoney Beach
Photo by Becky GardinerJuly 15, 2015 Another Race, Another Grayson Winner By Doug Jones Following Ted Grayson’s victory last week in the Wednesday evening race and Sarah Grayson’s come from behind win in the McMurtrie trophy, this time it was seven year old Isabelle Grayson’s turn to sail Swizzle to a commanding triumph. Threatening skies and ominous radar once again challenged ... Read More
  • Edgartown and Vineyard Haven 420 Regattas

    By Phil Lynch We have now completed both the Edgartown and Vineyard Haven Regattas! Despite extremely heavy conditions at the onset of Edgartown, we still had two boats sail in 30+ mph winds and do very well. On the second and much lighter day we had all boats on the water, many for the first time in ... Read More
  • Quissett Hosts the Unkie

    By: Weatherly Saunders The Opti race team had an impressive second Unkie at Quissett on Wednesday, July 15th! The race committee was only able to get one race off for the championship fleet due to very light wind. We had some outstanding finishes by some of our sailors. In red fleet, Tim won first and Max ... Read More
  • July Saturday S and H Series 1

    July Saturday SeriesJuly 11, 2015 July weather tests sailors’ patience By Ted Burt The Saturday series in July will only involve three race days due to other events on the Quissett Yacht Club schedule. The kickoff for the race committee of Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Wendy Martyna, Mike Garfield Sr. and Noah Garfield didn’t happen until Saturday, July 11th. Light ... Read More
  • July Wednesday Series 2

    July Wednesday #2July 8, 2015 By Doug Jones Swizzle Sizzles The second race of the Quissett Yacht Club July Wednesday series continued to challenge the Race Committee with another non traditional wind direction and speed. A 10 knot breeze out of the West (sooner or later the wind will blow from the longstanding expected SSW) prompted the Race Committee of ... Read More
  • McMurtrie Trophy

    McMurtrieSunday July 12, 2015 Swizzle surges from behind By Doug Jones This past Sunday afternoon four Quissett Yacht Club women over 35 competed for the McMurtrie Trophy in a 10-12 knot westerly wind. The Race Committee of Scottie Mobley, Jeff Keali, and Doug Jones were compelled to use a temporary mark to provide an adequate upwind first leg; ... Read More
  • Sportsmanship and Teamwork at the Unkie

    By Weatherly Saunders The Opti Race Team had a windy first Unkie at Chapoquoit last Wednesday, July 8th ! The race committee was able to get 3 races off. Although we didn’t have any outstanding finishes, our team displayed a great deal of sportsmanship and teamwork. The sportsmanship awards were given to Charlie in the red ... Read More
  • Junior Series H-12’s Race 1

    Found It (289) pulls away at the start from Sea Glass (189)July 5, 2015 By Henry Jones A Fine Day for the Olsens The first junior H-12 series race for the Quissett Yacht Club was a family affair as both the racing and spectator fleet was made up of Olsen family members. Anna Olsen sailed Found It with Mort Saunders as crew while Clark Olsen skippered Sea Glass with ... Read More
  • Fourth of July Firecracker Trophy for S Boats

    July 4, 2015 By Doug Jones A match for the firecracker Perhaps due to the snows or recent storms, the Quissett Yacht Club Race Committee of Wendy Martyna, Sarah Meigs, and Doug Jones were faced with a unique wind direction for the Fourth of July races. With an 8-10 knot wind out of the west, the Race Committee ... Read More
  • Fourth of July Trophy H-12’s

    Allie Rose (586), Due Diligence (366), Penguin (312), Phoenix (183) and Sea Breeze (291) head towards their next mark during the Quissett Yacht Club July 4th trophy race held Saturday.July 4, 2015 By Doug Jones Due Diligence Due for a Win A fluctuating 5 – 8 knot easterly created some challenges for the Race Committee of Wendy Martyna, Sarah Meigs and Doug Jones, and the competitors alike during the Quissett   H-12 Fourth of July Trophy Race. Temporary marks had to be used while every attempt was ... Read More
  • July Wednesday Series Race #1

    Buttercup (257) rounds the windward mark as Due Diligence (366), Phoenix (183),and Found It (289) pull away.July 1, 2015 By Doug Jones Phoenix’s Triumphant Return from the Depths With a 15 – 18 knot (according to the anemometers and the flags) wind blowing out of the SSW, the Race Committee of Ed Jackson, Commodore Alan Haigh, and Doug Jones opted to set a course inside the “lee” of Penzance Point. While the seas were ... Read More
  • Early Bird Race 2015

    Early Bird Race 2015 QYCJune 29, 2015 By Henry Jones To Win or Not to Win, that is the question The Quissett Yacht Club’s first race of the season, the Early Bird Race, was held on the afternoon of Sunday, June 28.  As the Race Committee of Henry and Doug Jones steamed out of the harbor, two boats, Olivia with Tom and ... Read More