July 4, 2015

Teaticket sails to victory Saturday, to win the Quissett Yacht Club July 4th S class trophy.

Teaticket sails to victory Saturday, to win the Quissett Yacht Club July 4th S class trophy.

By Doug Jones

A match for the firecracker

Perhaps due to the snows or recent storms, the Quissett Yacht Club Race Committee of Wendy Martyna, Sarah Meigs, and Doug Jones were faced with a unique wind direction for the Fourth of July races. With an 8-10 knot wind out of the west, the Race Committee had to be creative in finding windward legs that would keep the two Herreshoff fleets apart (especially since downwind starts were greatly discouraged). Temporary marks (X1 and X2) were dropped 1/3 mile from the starting line at bearings of 100° and 280° respectively and a course of X1, Y, H, X2 was posted. This course sent the fleet on a short upwind leg, then on a run out to the middle of the bay, a long beat to Gunning Point, a reach, and a final short beat to the finish.

With only two boats competing, a classic match race took place between Teaticket sailed by Alan Haigh, Alison Smith, and Martha Hosmer and Olive sailed by Josh and Emily Bernstein and George Walters. Teaticket started at the pin on starboard while Olive crossed the line on port, ducking just behind Teaticket’s stern. After numerous tacks to break away and cover, Teaticket built a solid lead by the windward mark; however, on the long run to the leeward mark, Olive flew her spinnaker effectively and took over first place. During the beat up wind, Teaticket rode a lifting puff over Olive and reached the windward mark with a significant lead. Once again Olive caught up by effectively flying her spinnaker but she could not find a passing lane before the leeward mark. As the boats approached the finish line, Olive had significantly closed the gap and established position to windward and slightly behind Teaticket, effectively blocking her from tacking and finishing; however, a slight wind shift just before the finish gave Teaticket room to tack and to pass clear ahead of Olive and grab the QYC Firecracker Trophy.

  1. Teaticket  Alan Haigh, Alison Smith, Martha Hosmer  1:33:29
  2. Olive  Josh and Emily Bernstein, George Walters  1:34:05