icon-sailboat-blueH Class Sailing

  •  2019 H Class Championship Regatta:
This year's H Class Championship will be hosted by the Buzzards Yacht Club on August 9th - 11th.  The Notice of Race for our H Class regatta is published on the H Class website (www.herreshoff12.org) and gives detailed instructions for registration, reservation of moorings, meals and other necessary logistics.  Registration information is available on Regatta Network here.

  • Renew your H Class membership today!

Membership in the H Class Association costs only $25 per year and runs from January 1st - December 31.  If you haven't yet paid your 2018 dues, please do so.  Your membership can be renewed on-line with PayPal or credit card at http://www.herreshoff12.org  Or, if you prefer, mail your $25 check to the H Class Association, Post Office Box 144, Marion, Massachusetts, 02738  Your continuing support really does help to promote and preserve our cherished one-design racing tradition.  Thank you.


Mike Fenlon