August 8, 2020
Ted Burt

The kick-off race for the August Saturday Series brought out a very competitive group of H-Class racers. Take a look at the rundown of finish times to see how close these boats were after more than an hour and a half of racing. Weather conditions presented a challenge to everyone, including the Race Committee of Ted Burt, Katy and Sean Tynan. A light but steady breeze from the SSW fluttered, shifted a bit and then gave out as the fleet rounded the first mark, dropped by the committee boat just off the Knob. The second leg, a drifter, brought out a few spinnakers as crews tried to capture what little wind wafted about. During this time, virtually everyone had a chance to look back at the fleet from the leader’s position, but, alas, pride goeth before the fall, and it was soon made clear that inconsistent light breezes and sloppy wake-driven waves could humble the best sailors. Wondering if there would be enough wind to finish the race within the time limit, the Race Committee eased out to the third mark and prepared to shorten the race by setting up an early finish line. Finally it was observed that there was some building wind inshore which might, just might reach out into the bay where the fleet was bobbing and weaving, so the race was allowed to go on. Now it became apparent that in conditions like this no one is better than Weatherly Dorris in Pani Baba. She sailed calmly into a slowly building southeasterly and took line honors by a commanding 17 seconds over Chuck First. Bernie Levesque was not far back. H-12s are a new experience for her, so she is a force to be reckoned with as we sail through August.

Class: Herreshoff 12 ½ Wind SSE – SSW calm – 10 kts
R/C crew: Ted Burt, Timer; Katy Tynan, Recorder and Line Caller; Sean Tynan, Helmsman and Signalman
Boat Crew Elapsed Time
1. Pani Baba - Weatherly Dorris 1:35:36
2. Allie Rose - Chuck First 1:35:53
3. Chez Nous - Bernie Levesque 1:36:14
4. Phoenix - Emma & Mike Garfield 1:36:43
5. Bubbles - Sheila & Scottie Gordon 1:37:00
6. Tag Along - Gus & Chris McGuire 1:37:08
7. Penguin - Betsy & Chris Hunt 1:38:36
8. Olivia Tom - First 1:39:21
9. Moxie - Tom Tullius, Sr. 1:42:11
DNF Muffin - Andrew Zimmerman