July 11, 2015July Saturday Series

July weather tests sailors’ patience

By Ted Burt

The Saturday series in July will only involve three race days due to other events on the Quissett Yacht Club schedule. The kickoff for the race committee of Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Wendy Martyna, Mike Garfield Sr. and Noah Garfield didn’t happen until Saturday, July 11th. Light breezes prevailed, shifting back and forth from the south and west, so there was plenty of challenge, both in sniffing out the next wind shift and in sailing quietly in your boat. Large fast power boats left wakes that tossed the H-12s to and fro, robbing them of the speed that they had been trying so hard to develop. No one boat was able to dominate in the frustrating conditions, but Chuck First and Nick Steinert in Allie Rose seemed to handle the conditions the best. Their 1st and 2nd place finishes of the day will set a high standard on the next weeks race day. Mike and Emma Garfield in Phoenix, Mort Saunders and Anna Olsen in Found It, and Ted and Jancy Grason in Swizzle are also in the hunt. Others may do better if the wind picks up to normal Buzzards Bay standards.

Two S-Class beauties fought throughout a long course, sailing to the Weepecket Rock buoy, out to the middle of the bay and on to Racing Beach, before heading on a short windward leg to the finish. Olive led Teaticket throughout the long legs of the course, but fell victim to a fierce challenge on the last leg. Teaticket must have lulled Olive’s crew into false confidence, which turned out to be a serious error, as Commodore Haigh and his crew passed Olive on the beat along Racing Beach to the finish. Commodore Karma!

Herreshoff 12 1/2s:

Race 1:

Boat        Skipper/Crew                                             Time

  1. Found It    Mort Saunders, Anna Olsen                    37:25
  2. Allie Rose    Chuck First, Nick Steinert                     38:21
  3. Swizzle        Ted & Jancy Grayson                            40:57
  4. Olivia          Tom & Luke First                                 41:31
  5. Phoenix      Mike & Emma Garfield                         44:31
  6. Sea Breeze   Steve Chalmers & Teresa Durocher      45:05

Race 2:

  1. Allie Rose   Chuck First & Nick Steinert                  40:27
  2. Phoenix      Mike & Emma Garfield                         41:01
  3. Swizzle        Ted & Jancy Grayson                            43:14
  4. Found It     Mort Saunders & Anna Olsen                43:16
  5. Olivia          Tom & Luke First                                 47:11
  6. Sea Breeze   Steve Chalmers & Teresa Durocher      D.N.F

S-Class Herreshoffs:

Boat          Skipper/Crew                                       Time

  1. Teaticket    Alan Haigh, Peter Jones, Eryk Jones, Nick Jones & Roger Cawdette         2:27:16
  2. Olive          Josh Bernstein, Nick & George Hunnewell, & George Walters                  2:27:35