July Saturday Series Race 1 and 2

Doug Jones
July 3, 2020

After the glorious weather of Wednesday evening, a raw October like breeze greeted the Quissett sailors preparing to do battle for honors in the July Saturday series (albeit this was Friday night due to the Fourth of July race scheduled for Saturday.)  With a steady 12-15 knots blowing from the NNE, the Race Committee of Ed Jackson, Eryk Jones, and Doug Jones opted to take advantage of the new race mark “V” for the third race in a row and set the start and finish line at that position, ½ a nautical mile dead downwind of mark “S.”  A simple windward/leeward course was set and the fleet prepared to jockey for position at the starting line, testing the strong wind and heavy waves.  Ted Grayson in Swizzle and Tom First in Olivia sailed down the line a little early and hit the middle of the line just two seconds after the starting gun, while Nick and Max Steinert in Tigger had a terrific boat end start five seconds late but at full speed.  In less than 12 minutes (barely enough time for the RC to reset the committee boat), the first boats rounded the windward mark with Mike Garfield in Phoenix holding a comfortable lead over Tigger; however, Phoenix’s comfort was short lived as Tigger promptly hoisted and filled her spinnaker and began to reel Phoenix in.  It was only a matter of time before Tigger would overtake Phoenix and claim first place honors.  But the matter of time proved to be too short as Phoenix rode one final wave to the finish to beat out Tigger by less than a second (not close enough to warrant photo review but awfully darn close!)  Olivia and Swizzle had an equally exciting finish as they battled it our for third and fourth.

  1. Phoenix Mike Garfield 17:27
  2. Tigger Nick and Max Steinert 17:29
  3. Olivia Tom First 17:58
  4. Swizzle Ted Grayson, Shannon and Harrison 18:01
  5. Due Diligence Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khamky 18:14
  6. Moxie Tommy Tullius 18:58
July 1st starting line

Olivia (520) and Swizzle (888) line up for near perfect starts with Tigger (638) not close behind

For Race two, the RC worried that the racers might be a bit cold and tired so chose to set a course that would finish at the mouth the harbor and allow the sailors a quick ride to their moorings, sending them first to the starting mark, to the Quissett light buoy, upwind to the Knob Cove Beach mark and back to the light buoy for a finish.  INick and Max Steinert in Tigger and Ted Grayson in Swizzle were on the course side at the start and had to return behind the starting line before they could proceed to sail the course, while Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khamky in Due Diligence began to head back also but were informed that they had started cleanly (a potential costly delay in their upwind leg).  This time, Mike Garfield in Phoenix grabbed an early lead on the upwind leg and he was not to be denied his fourth consecutive victory (so much for the curse of winning the Early Bird Trophy Race).  Tom First in Olivia and Due Diligence had an exciting run to the finish as Olivia was able to hold off Due Diligence charging from behind and escape with a one second victory (if only…).  In short races like this, OCS can be quite costly as Swizzle and Tigger discovered.

  1. Phoenix Mike Garfield 23:48
  2. Olivia Tom First 24:14
  3. Due Diligence Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khamky 24:15
  4. Swizzle T ed Grayson, Shannon and Harrison 24:49
  5. Tigger Nick and Max Steinert 25:25
  6. Moxie Tommy Tullius 26:11