July Saturday 4S

July 25, 2015

Final races of the July Saturday Series!

By Ted Burt

It’s true! The summer must be almost half over. In fact, the weather had a touch of fall in it with a northerly breeze and white clouds scudding across a blue sky. 10-15 knots was plenty for a great day on Buzzards Bay for the race committee of Ted Burt, Sarah Meigs, Wendy Martyna, Mike Garfield Sr., Noah Garfield and Carol Suitor.

The S-Class race started first. Four fast and beautiful antique boats, the largest fleet so far this summer, headed off on a long loop around the bay off Quissett Harbor. Beginning with a beat upwind to a mark off Gunning Point, then two long reaches out into the bay and back to the Woods Hole entrance buoy, the boats spread out with a 2 minute differential between Olive, in the lead, and Shalom chasing the pack. Next came a close-hauled course to Penzance Point, followed by a short reach into Stoney Beach and a final upwind leg to the finish. Olive approached the finish line well before the others and appeared to have sailed an amazing final two legs, but it soon became apparent that she had not rounded mark “A” off Stoney Beach. Apparently her crew had not written down the entire course (ZYBJA) as displayed on the committee boat and was surprised to see her competitors astern rounding a mark that she had not. Still, Olive finished second in series standings, one point behind Commodore Alan Haigh in Teaticket. Shalom finished third in the race and in the series standings. Newly launched and fitted out, Radiant finished second to Teaticket, showing some of the speed that will challenge the fleet in August.July Saturday 4

Seven H-12’s enjoyed two short races to finish up their July series. Bob Suitor and Ben Garfield, in Will 0’ the Wisp had a great day, finishing first and second. Unfortunately, she did not race enough races to qualify for the series, but she should make her speed felt in August. Mike and Emma Garfield sailed Phoenix with calm assurance to a 1st and 3rd place, taking first place honors for the July Series. The next three qualifiers, Mort Saunders and Anna Olsen in Found It, Chuck First and Nick Steinert in Allie Rose, and Olivia and Tom First in Olivia were separated by a mere point apiece. Next weekend, there will be no races at Quissett, as the H-12’s head across the bay to Beverly Yacht Club in Marion to compete in the H-12 National Regatta. Best of luck to all the racers.

S-Class Herreshoffs:

 Boat            Crew                                                                                                                    Time

  1. Teaticket    Alan Haigh, Alison Smith                                                                             1:23:21
  2. Radiant        Doug & Kathy Cooper, George Hunnewell                                           1:23:43
  3. Shalom        Eric, Sia & Kristen Karplus, Chris Earl                                                    1:28:04
  4. Olive             Josh Bernstein, George & Andrea Walter, Rebecca Hunnewell   DNF

Saturday Series – S-Class – Final results for July:

 Boat         Skipper                      

  1. Teaticket     Alan Haigh
  2. Olive          Josh Bernstein
  3. Shalom       Eric Karplus


H-12 Herreshoffs:

Race 1:

Boat                    Crew                                        Time

  1. Will O’ The Wisp     Bob Suitor, Ben Garfield                        40:42
  2. Phoenix                  Mike & Emma Garfield             40:50
  3. Allie Rose                Chuck First, Nate Steinert           41:10
  4. Found it                  Mort Saunders, Anna Olsen       41:32
  5. Sea Breeze               Steve Chalmers, Alden Burt        44:14
  6. Handoah                Hannah Garfield, Corey Dron    45:24
  7. Olivia                      Olivia & Tom First                    DSQ

Race 2:

  1. Phoenix                  Emma & Mike Garfield             28:46
  2. Will O’ The Wisp     Bob Suitor, Ben Garfield                        29:39
  3. Found It                 Mort Saunders, Anna Olsen       30:36
  4. Olivia                      Tom & Olivia First                    31:12
  5. Sea Breeze               Steve Chalmers, Alden Burt        32:41
  6. Allie Rose                Chuck First, Nick Steinert           34:34
  7. Handoah                Hannah Garfield, Corey Dron    35:14

Saturday Series – H-12 Class – Final results for July:

            Boat                 Skipper

  1. Phoenix      Mike & Emma Garfield
  2. Found It     Mort Saunders
  3. Allie Rose    Chuck First
  4. Olivia          Tom and Olivia First