July 1, 2020
Doug Jones

The Quissett Yacht Club Wednesday evening racers started the month of July with a perfect night on the water with a steady SW wind blowing 8-10 knots, minimal seas, and a competitive fleet of nine boats either sailing single handed, with family members, or appropriately physically distancing.  The Race Committee of Ed Jackson, PRO Molly Jones, and Doug Jones set a slight port favored starting at the Quissett starting mark S and posted a Gold cup triangle course using the new mark “V” as the windward mark (VQSV).  Over the years, almost every other race day the RC has dropped a temporary mark ½ SW of the starting area; consequently, this year the Race Committee opted to add a permanent mark to this location.  Mike Garfield in Phoenix and Ted and Hunter Grayson in Swizzle got off to excellent starts with great boat speed towards the middle of the line, while Tom First in Olivia chose the boat end where he could quickly tack over the port and test the offshore breezes.  Unfortunately for Olivia, the calmer waters of the inshore route proved beneficial and Phoenix and Swizzle took full advantage of the flatter water.  Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khamky in Due Diligence chose a more moderate path and held tight to the leaders.  By the time they reached the windward mark, Swizzle and Phoenix had pulled away from the fleet and created their own mano a mano battle, while likewise Olivia and Due Diligence were engaged in their own personal skirmish.  At the gype mark, Phoenix took over the lead with Swizzle in close pursuit (less than three seconds separated the two racers).  For the next three legs, the order remained the same but Swizzle was pushing Phoenix to the max.  On the final run to the finish, Phoenix had retained her lead but Swizzle was able to fly their spinnaker as Hunter Grayson took over the driving duties while his father flew the spinnaker.  Despite an initial delay in hoisting and filling his chute, Hunter pulled ever closer to Phoenix’s wind as the finish line drew nearer.  A final boost by a friendly wave pushed Phoenix just ahead for an exciting two second victory over Swizzle.  Not to be outdone, Due Diligence and Olivia tussled for their remaining three legs with this time the spinnaker advantage aboard Due Diligence proving too much to overcome.

At the start

Phoenix (183), Swizzle (888) and Olivia (520) off to a great start

  1. Phoenix Mike Garfield 38:40
  2. Swizzle Hunter and Ted Grayson 38:42
  3. Due Diligence Alec Clowes and Jolynn Khamky 40:51
  4. Olivia Tom First 40:53
  5. Allie Rose Chuck First 43:13
  6. Penguin Randy Evans 44:03
  7. Chez Nous Bernie Levesque 44:24
  8. Moxie Tom Tullius 47:23
  9. Sea Breeze Ali Rodin DNF