July 5, 2015

Found It (289) pulls away at the start from Sea Glass (189)

Found It (289) pulls away at the start from Sea Glass (189)

By Henry Jones

A Fine Day for the Olsens

The first junior H-12 series race for the Quissett Yacht Club was a family affair as both the racing and spectator fleet was made up of Olsen family members. Anna Olsen sailed Found It with Mort Saunders as crew while Clark Olsen skippered Sea Glass with Elizabeth Olsen as crew. (These adults are to be commended for their ability to refrain from giving too much advice as the youngsters worked their way around the course). The Race Committee of Henry and Doug Jones dropped a windward mark 1/3 mile upwind and posted a course of W2. The crew aboard Sea Glass was heard asking for an explanation from the skipper of Found It who willingly obliged. For those of you without Sailing Instructions W means one mark to windward. The two means sail the course twice. Anna approached the line on starboard near the pin while Clark tacked onto port and properly ducked below Found It’s stern. Unfortunately, Clark tacked soon after and drifted onto the starting mark. While he performed the requisite penalty turn, Anna sailed off to windward and established a sizeable lead that she was able to hold for the rest of the race.   After completing his turn, Clark sailed quite well and maintained his relative position for the rest of the race. A competitive series is likely to ensue between this brother and sister but the Race Committee does hope for more competitors during the next race.

  1. Found It  Anna Olsen and Mort Saunders  30:04
  2. Sea Glass  Clark Olsen and Elizabeth Olsen  34:35