By: Weatherly Saunders

The Opti race team had an impressive second Unkie at Quissett on Wednesday, July 15th! The race committee was only able to get one race off for the championship fleet due to very light wind. We had some outstanding finishes by some of our sailors. In red fleet, Tim won first and Max won third. Ethan got a bullet for our one and only race and won first in blue fleet. Hadley won second in white fleet for her first Unkie on the championship line. Alexander and Luke First finished in the front of the pack as well. Anna could be heard from the knob cheering on and supporting her teammates throughout the race. Timothy, Molly, Grant, Charlie and Luke Ventola all did a fabulous job of keeping a positive attitude throughout a race that could've been frustrating because of the light wind. On the green fleet line two QYC mate sailors participated and placed with Jancy Grayson receiving first and Alden Burt placing third. Our sailors demonstrated their knowledge of light wind sailing beautifully on Wednesday. We look forward to our third Unkie at Megansett this week!