July 19, 2015

Olsen Redux

By Doug Jones

A light (3-5 knot) wind from the West greeted the Race Committee of Molly Jones, Caroline Morss, Annie Dean, and Doug Jones as they headed out of the harbor and set a race course for the second junior H-12 series race. They dropped a mark ¼ mile to the west of the starting pin and posted a course of W2, sending the racers on a windward-leeward course twice around. As the 10:30 starting time was approaching, only Anna Olsen and Mort Saunders in Found It were near the starting line, but Clark Olsen and Wendy Martyna in Sea Glass could be seen working their way out of the harbor. At the request of the sailors aboard Found It, the start was delayed until Sea Glass was in the neighborhood. For the second week in a row, Sea Glass approached the line on port, while Found It came in on starboard a few seconds late but at full speed. Sea Glass was forced to tack behind Found It and followed her up the course. Found It maintained excellent boat speed and hit the lay lines well thereby establishing a comfortable lead by the time she reached the first windward mark. Anna sailed well during the final three legs, clearly keeping an eye on her younger brother while increasing her lead. Clark showed amazing resilience and concentration as he continued to improve his upwind sailing on a fluky and frustrating morning.


1.         Found It                     Anna Olsen and Mort Saunders      31:14

2.         Sea Glass                    Clark Olsen and Wendy Martyna    42:02