By Weatherly Saunders

The Opti Race Team had a windy first Unkie at Chapoquoit last Wednesday, July 8th ! The race committee was able to get 3 races off. Although we didn't have any outstanding finishes, our team displayed a great deal of sportsmanship and teamwork. The sportsmanship awards were given to Charlie in the red fleet and Hadley in the green fleet. Both sailors were respectful of sailors from other yacht clubs while also supporting their teammates on Wednesday, on and off the water. Luke Ventola, Anna, Max and Tim First had some impressive finishes in the front of the red fleet pack with multiple top five finishes. Ethan, Molly, Grant and Timothy contributed fantastic attitudes throughout the day and were able to sail in all three races. Alexander and Luke First had a good first two races and then sailed in due to heavy wind conditions. The strong wind and big waves created a challenging environment for our Opti Race Team but all of our sailors coped with these challenges without a fight. We hope to see the same amount of teamwork, positive attitude, and sportsmanship at the QYC UNKIE on Wednesday!