July 25, 2020
Ted Burt

Microseconds separated Swizzle from a premature start. Ted Grayson, no doubt coached by Belle and Hunter, hit the line right at the starting signal in the perfect place and with full speed. A good reliable southwest wind encouraged most of the fleet to head inshore on their way up to Penzance Point, but there are always a few who are willing to fight the higher waves out in the bay in hopes of more wind or a favorable shift. On this day it was just better sailing that brought Swizzle to Mark J with a comfortable lead. Bubbles had to play catch-up after taking penalty turns for a foul at the start.

At J began the challenge of choosing which way to go around the mark. Some followed Swizzle and left it to starboard, and some chose port, which was the correct way. The next issue was the downwind leg to a buoy off the Knob. Single handers are not allowed to fly spinnakers, which is a significant disadvantage, so the skippers with crews, even young ones, crept up through the fleet. Again, at the turning mark, there was disagreement as to which way to round, and re-roundings were observed in several cases. The Graysons continued their steady boat speed advantage on up to the third mark off the Woods Hole beach and cruised to the finish line with almost a minute’s lead over Tag Along. The next five boats were single handed and unable to take advantage of ideal spinnaker conditions.

July Saturday Series
Class: Herreshoff 12 ½
Wind: 8-12 Kts
R/C crew: Ted Burt, Timer; Katy Tynan, Recorder and Line Caller; Sean Tynan, Signalman

  1. Swizzle - Ted, Isabelle, & Hunter Grayson - 1:20:08
  2. Tag Along - Chris & Gus McGuire - 1:21:05
  3. Due Diligence - Alec Clowes & Jolynn Khamky - 1:22:01
  4. Olivia - Tom First - 1:23:15
  5. Phoenix - Mike & Ben Garfield - 1:24:15
  6. Allie Rose - Chuck First - 1:24:48
  7. Freedom - Doug Jones - 1:25:25
  8. Bubbles - Sheila & Ian Gordon - 1:26:16
  9. Chez Nous - Bernadette & Peter Levesque - 1:26:18

DNF - Pani Baba - Weatherly Dorris