July 10, 2020
Ted Burt

Readers who are paying attention to detail will notice that this “Saturday Series” race was held on a Friday evening.  In the interest of injecting some variety into the schedule, the first two Saturday races were sailed on Friday evenings this year, a nice little change which gave the crews the rest of the weekend free.  The weather cooperated, producing a moderate southeast breeze with smooth water and challenging shifts in the wind.  Because of the constraints imposed by the covid-19 pandemic, all boats this summer must be sailed either single-handed or by members of the same family, and you will see that the fleet was split 50-50 in this area.  The Race Committee too was held to the same regulation.  If not, they would have had to be separated by the dreaded shower curtain strung between the helm area and the after deck.  Ted Burt, his favorite (only) daughter, Katy Tynan, and Katy’s favorite (only) son, Sean (a member of the celebrated class of 2020!), set a challenging windward-leeward twice around course that gave everyone a chance to take maximum advantage of the conditions.

Of the six boats competing, five elected to start on Starboard tack.  Tag Along’s crew thought a port tack would give them a chance to cross all those sheep coming down the line, but unfortunately they didn’t have the boat speed to make it happen, so they came out of the pack well behind the early leaders.  The short first windward leg ended with Mike Garfield rounding first, a familiar position for him so far this season.  The Grayson family in Swizzle was next to pass the mark, closely followed by Tag Along, Due Diligence and Allie Rose.  Amazing Grace had taken a flier off to the south and never recovered, but Josephina kept her spirits high and did her best to put pressure on the leaders from astern.  Boats with multiple crew members were allowed to fly spinnakers, which made for an exciting downwind chase in which Swizzle and Due Diligence did their best to overtake Phoenix.  It was a doomed effort, however, as Mike deftly fended off the attack, rounded the leeward mark still in the lead, and romped around the third and fourth legs to earn the victory.

Class:  Herreshoff 12 ½
Wind:  Southeast 5-15 knots
R/C crew:  Ted Burt, timer; Katy Tynan, Recorder; Sean Tynan, signalman and Helmsman

  1. Phoenix Mike Garfield 34:071
  2. Due Diligence Alec Clowes & Jolynn Khamky 34:19
  3. Swizzle Ted, Isabel & Hunter Grayson 34:32
  4. Allie Rose Chuck First 35:11
  5. Tag Along Gus & Chris McGuire 36:04
  6. Amazing Grace Cathy & Josephina Zambrano 40:05