Seaman Class

By Emma Garfield

What a great first two weeks it has been! Thanks to the Bullseyes, we have been on the water all except for one day. The only day we were not able to go out on water was last Wednesday. Although they all begged to go sailing, unfortunately we couldn’t risk sending them out that day, due to the thunder, lightning, and—oh yeah—tornado warnings! Since we were on land, everyone participated in knot tying relays and sailing jeopardy. Almost everyone could successfully tie a square knot by the end of the day, and some of the sailors even learned how to tie bowlines.

Everyone has steered this season, and some of the sailors have even sailed alone. Everyday, I can see every student gaining more confidence on the water. Between more individualized attention on the Bullseyes and sailing in the Optis, they are all becoming pros!


Mate Class

By Emma Garfield

The mate class is truly a pleasure to teach. Coming into the season, I had no idea how talented all of the sailors would be. The talent really showed at this week’s Wednesday races. When I was in mate class, I wasn’t able to cross the line half of the time, and I just assumed it would be the same with the mate class this year. However, they totally proved me wrong. They were able to complete the course, avoid collisions, and involve strategies in their races. This truly impressed all of the instructors watching.

Thanks to the Bullseyes, we have been able to sail everyday except for one. They have been a very helpful addition the program, because the sailors get more individualized attention from the instructor in the boat with them.

The only day we were not able to sail was last Wednesday. As soon as I got to QYC that morning, my phone buzzed, informing me of a tornado warning. Unfortunately, we couldn’t sail that day. However, we were able to play a plethora of sailing related games, including jeopardy and knot tying relays.

The mate class also got to sail on Mandarin yesterday. They were all incredibly mature and thankful to Ken Morse for letting them use his boat. Everyone had a lot of fun steering the beautiful, 55-year-old sailboat!


420 Intro

By George Walters

These first two weeks have gone by quite smoothly! Every student has had the opportunity to both skipper and crew, enjoy some competitive racing, and begin to master sail trim and keeping the boat flat. I’m personally very proud of the maturity and enthusiasm of all of the sailors on and off the water, especially yesterday when we had the opportunity to sail with the generous Ken Morse on his beautiful boat Mandarin. We’re looking forward to another great two weeks to finish up this July session!


420 Jr. Race

Hello Everyone,

My name is Phil Lynch and I am the 420 Junior Race instructor this summer. After two weeks on the water all of the sailors have come a long way. Each sailor has begun to settle into the boats after a long cold winter. We have begun work on starting, racing, and some heavy and mild wind tactics. This past week we were even able to begin to fly spinnakers. Over all I think the class has come a long way in the first two weeks and we have established a great foundation to build off of for the rest of the summer. I hope to see you all before the session ends and that we can continue our early success!


Phil Lynch


Adventure Sailing

By Hannah Garfield and George Walters

We’ve had a great first two weeks! All of the students have had the opportunity to skipper and practice great seamanship skills such as navigation using map and compass, man overboard recovery, properly shooting a mooring, anchoring a boat, and properly steering and surfing waves. We’ve also had insightful chalk talks over such topics as reading the tides, predicting the weather, and all about headers and lifts. We’ve gone on some nice sails over towards Hadley’s Harbor and around Racing Beach, and are looking forward to two more weeks of adventure!